Tai Chi and Chi Kung For All


Tai Chi Cheltenham Instructor Gill Clarke-HillThis is Gillian Clarke-Hill an experienced teacher of Tai Chi in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

I teach Infinite Tai Chi for strength, fitness, flexibility and vitality. The purpose of Infinite Tai Chi is for health, healing and enjoyment.

In my class we practise both Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Chi Kung exercises are strengthening exercises that build stamina, promote increased lung capacity and get the energy flowing. Chi Kung exercises are done from standing and are generally easy to follow.

I love practising the Tai Chi sequence, known as The Form. It is slow, flowing and beautiful. The movements are described with reference to nature such as ‘pushing the ocean waves’, which helps to bring a feeling of calmness to the mind. When practising Tai Chi you use your memory and work on co-ordination and balance. All this and it makes you feel good too! As you focus on the movements you forget the mundane material world.

Many of my students have been practising for years and return week after week. Nevertheless new students are joining all the time as the benefits of Tai Chi are now widely recognised. Many become so engaged that they make it part of their routine.

I have been teaching for fifteen years and never tire of introducing these beautiful graceful sequences to my students for the benefit of their bodies and minds.

If you require more information please go to the contact page where you can contact me via email or by telephone. I shall be pleased to help you.