Spring Term 2022

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

After a great deal of uncertainty over Christmas I have decided to go ahead with Tai Chi classes indoors this term. This is by popular demand! Class numbers will be limited to allow for safe distancing, Sensible precautions will be taken, including frequent self testing for everyone’s safety,

Autumn Term up to Christmas

Tai Chi classes have been going well since September. We hope to continue indoors up to Christmas. Please let me know that you still wish to attend. Because of booking restrictions for the Springbank hall, the first Thursday of the month will be on Zoom at 10.30 am if there are enough of you interested in taking part. Members of all classes may attend this session. Best wishes and stay well. Gillian

Autumn 2021

Hello everyone. We are back indoors! We shall be safely distanced and take precautions against infection so that everyone feels comfortable. I would like to thank everyone who supported my Tai Chi classes on Zoom and outdoors over the last 15 months. It has been great, but it is good to be back.

Summer 2021

Hello everyone, Tai Chi classes on Zoom have been very successful over the last few months.

I am hoping that we will be able to meet at indoor venues at Springbank and Charlton Kings in the autumn but we will have to see what happens regarding the pandemic after the 19 July when restrictions are lifted. Meanwhile, stay fit and healthy. I look forward to seeing you for outdoor Tai Chi or after my summer break. Gillian.

Spring 2021

Hello all,

Tai Chi classes have continued on Zoom through the winter on Wednesdays at 2pm with great success.

We look forward to Tai Chi outdoors when the weather gets warmer and we are able to meet in groups again. I will let you know when this happens if you have expressed interest in doing Tai Chi outdoors.

I hope that we will be able to move back to classes indoors at some point when it is safe to do so at our usual venues.

Meanwhile, stay fit and healthy and I look forward to seeing you before too long.


Summer News

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all keeping well and safe from the COVID-19 virus. I apologise for not updating my website for so long. However, we have been busy and I have kept in touch with Tai Chi students by email.

From Wednesday 20 May I have been teaching Tai Chi on Zoom every week at 2pm. This will continue for the foreseeable future.

From Tuesday 7 July I have been doing Tai Chi in Hatherley Park at 2pm or 6.30pm on alternate Tuesdays. This has been for six people. The first week of August was a rest week for me.

The above arrangements will continue for the month of August. Please contact me by email if you wish to take part. This is for continuing students only.

Best wishes for the rest of the summer. September information will be available later in the month.


Open a Rainbow Bridge !

Tuesday 17 March – I am sorry but I feel obliged to cancel all Tai Chi classes until further notice. There would have been 3 weeks including today until the end of term. After that a two week break for Easter will take place. I will think about restarting on the 21 April depending on the situtation regarding the COVID-19 virus. I will miss you all and our Tai Chi sessions together. Maybe you will remember to do some practice at home. Most of all keep moving and stretching! Stay safe and well. Gillian

COVID-19 & Church Piece Car Park Repairs

COVID-19 Sensible precautions

Regarding the spread of COVID-19 virus I trust you will all take appropriate precautions; for instance staying at home if you don’t feel well and isolating yourself for the appropriate length of time if you have been abroad to one of the countries where the virus has been spreading rapidly. I feel duty bound to mention this and trust you will take responsible and appropriate action.

Church Piece Car Park Charlton Kings

This is to let you know in advance that Church Piece Car Park, the nearest car park to the Stanton Hall, is to be closed for repairs and maintenance from 1st to 5th March. If you cannot find anywhere nearer you can park up Horsefair Street near the allotments and cemetery, off the road. There is some parking near the Scout Hut, I believe, if you can find it – down a track on the left as you look up Horsefair Street.

Extra December Classes

Extra classes on Tuesday 10 December and Wednesday 11 at the usual times. Stanton Hall Charlton Kings – £7.00; and Springbank Community Centre – usual price. These are aimed at my new students but the usual crowd are of course welcome.

Autumn is here

Our half term break is 22/23 October and we return on 29/30 October.

New students will start in January 2020. There are only a few places availble as I have had enquiries aready. Please contact me by phone or by email if you want to join our Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes in the new year.