COVID-19 & Church Piece Car Park Repairs

COVID-19 Sensible precautions

Regarding the spread of COVID-19 virus I trust you will all take appropriate precautions; for instance staying at home if you don’t feel well and isolating yourself for the appropriate length of time if you have been abroad to one of the countries where the virus has been spreading rapidly. I feel duty bound to mention this and trust you will take responsible and appropriate action.

Church Piece Car Park Charlton Kings

This is to let you know in advance that Church Piece Car Park, the nearest car park to the Stanton Hall, is to be closed for repairs and maintenance from 1st to 5th March. If you cannot find anywhere nearer you can park up Horsefair Street near the allotments and cemetery, off the road. There is some parking near the Scout Hut, I believe, if you can find it – down a track on the left as you look up Horsefair Street.